invisibilities zine

invisibilities is a series of self-published zines which decode our environment through forms of translation, mythology, and memory.

This DIY project aims to create community through the visibility of those often omitted and erased from popular and subculture narratives by providing a platform for marginalized groups to expand creative networks, experiences, and values.

invisibilities began with its first call for submissions in July 2018. Issue No. 1 was launched in October 2018 and collected the stories and visualizations of womxn living with hidden chronic illnesses. Issue No. 2 launched in November 2019 and focuses on the family histories of womxn pertaining to diaspora and immigration.

invisibilities zine is contributor-based and created in Toronto by Melina Mehr.



Art Metropole (Toronto)

Tea Base (Toronto)

FAITH / VOID (Toronto)

Likely General (Toronto)

Hard Feelings (Toronto)

The QUILTBAG (Edmonton)

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